Amber Rose Kandarian is an Armenian American filmmaker born in Fresno, California. Kandarian released her first feature film into theaters at the age of 21 in the US and worked overseas in the luxury media arena in places such as Armenia and New Zealand. Amber Rose also managed luxury yachts for some of the most powerful titans from Italy to the Bahamas. Extensive work in these fields naturally led her to pursue an in-depth venture into fully understanding how to use the experience from her life's work. Amber Rose is competent in investing in assets that create passive income and appreciate over time. This is what inspired her to help others do the same. She discovered that real estate was one of the most secure ways to invest her earnings, but found it hard to find real estate professionals who truly honored the best interests of their clients. This is why Amber Rose has standards when it comes to the quality of a client's experience with buying or selling real estate and knows firsthand the value of having a trusted advisor. Amber Rose specifically chose Engel & Völkers because of their shared values. She enjoys helping clients find smart real estate deals that yield high returns and leave them with peace of mind. Currently Amber Rose draws knowledge from her research with her luxury media company DOCUinc. She applies the wisdom she's gained from helping past clients, such as Nobel prize winners and fortune 500 CEOs. This makes her particularly well suited to consulting with clients in the California real estate market. Amber Rose has extensive experience working in Asian markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore after taking her luxury media company overseas in 2015 and 2016. She continues to foster her contacts in Asia and throughout the globe in order to give her clients an intimate sphere to sell their properties in. Engel & Völkers, a truly international brand, is a perfect complement to Amber's global approach. Through EV's connected network she is able to give clients the best exposure for their listings and opportunities for investment.

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